36 Hour Layover

Things are officially a wrap from bestbet in Jacksonville, FL! I'm currently back in LA for a 36 hour break from the madness before heading off to Calgary first thing tomorrow morning. Jacksonville was the first stop of a multi-week flurry of tournaments, so any downtime at this point is a blessing. 

As for the event itself, everything ran as smoothly as it could. Jacksonville is always one of my favorite stops strictly because of the fact they have their own sushi chefs, in the casino, and its surprisingly really good. We saw an increase in the field size from last year which is always a good thing, as well as another very worthy champion. Throughout the event I got to know both Jeremy (the winner) and his brother Wade, as we found ourselves up late every night battling it out via NBA 2k17. They are two hilarious guys, and I was so happy to see Jeremy take down the event. After the event I found myself with Tristan, TK, Jeremy, and Wade celebrating over a bunch of pizza, beer, and wings. Still sour I lost the last game to Tristan for $20. 

Thankfully bestbet is pretty bright as far as lighting goes. Granted the lights above the table varied in color temperature, I was able to just manually sync my white balance, set the camera on 1000 ISO and shoot at 1/200th at 2.8. Heres a look at some of my favorite images from the week!